Ransomware Group Starts Leaking Data Allegedly Stolen From Change Healthcare

The RansomHub ransomware group has started publishing data allegedly stolen from healthcare transactions processor Change Healthcare in a February attack.

The incident, which disrupted Change Healthcare’s operations and caused healthcare system outages across the US, was mounted by an affiliate of the Alphv/BlackCat ransomware-as-a-service (RaaS), known under the moniker of ‘Notchy’.

BlackCat pulled an exit scam in early March and Notchy claimed they did not receive their share of the $22 million ransom that Change Healthcare had paid and that they were still in the possession of 4TB of data stolen from the company.

Last week, RansomHub added Change Healthcare to its Tor-based leak site, claiming the possession of the stolen data and threatening to publish it unless a ransom was paid. The group said that many BlackCat affiliates were joining in, thus explaining how they came by the data.

On Monday, the ransomware group published several screenshots depicting agreements with various insurance providers, medical claims information, invoice information, patient information, and other types of data.

According to the ransomware group, it is in the possession of processing files that contain personally identifiable information and protected health information from multiple insurance providers.

The data set, the group claims, contains vast amounts of financial, medical, and personal information.

RansomHub is threatening to publish all the stolen data on Friday, unless Change Healthcare pays a ransom.


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In the meantime, Change Healthcare parent company UnitedHealth Group is focusingon mitigating the attack’s impact on customers. The healthcare insurance giant says it has advanced over $5 billion to providers in need.

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