Innovate and transform with a modern application platform

Across industries, organizations depend on applications to engage customers, partners, and employees and achieve business goals. Most operate a mix of custom-developed and commercially available applications. Even so, the way you deploy and manage your applications can greatly impact how well your organization can innovate and adapt.

Application transformation changes the way you build, deploy,and manage applications to increase speed, efficiency, and agility.

The goal is to rapidly build, deploy, update, and scale applications in a secure way, across hybrid environments, using repeatable processes. Application transformation can open new possibilities for your business. For example, DAB Pumps now delivers applications to market in 60% less time. And Bajaj Allianz Life Insurance Company simplified security management and eliminated downtime across its IT environment.

Container technologies and DevSecOps approaches are key components in successful application transformation journeys. Deploying a Kubernetes-powered application platform can help you make the most of these components across hybrid and multi cloud environments. The right platform will provide the consistency, security, and flexibility needed to modernize existing applications, develop new cloud-native applications, and deliver all applications at scale across infrastructures — without locking you into a specific public cloud or technology. Red Hat® OpenShift®, Red Hat Application Services, and our large certified partner ecosystem provide an ideal foundation for application transformation. Flexible deployment options let you choose your underlying infrastructure and level of staff involvement. Plus, our training programs, consulting engagements, and support services empower your teams to collaborate, innovate, and deliver higher business value.

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