Maintain A Competitive Edge In The Cybersecurity Market With Fortinet

Small to midsized businesses are looking for enterprise-level cybersecurity protection and demanding more services and solutions than ever before. But this puts a strain on security experts who are already facing excessive burnout. Fortinet wants to be the extension of partners’ internal cybersecurity teams amid a worldwide gap of 3.4 million cybersecurity workers, according to recent research. “So, if their employees are already completely stretched too thin, there’s no time to evaluate new solutions, let alone build offerings around those solutions,” says Joel Boyd, director of SMB solutions at Fortinet. “Nor is there time to pursue new clients as much as they should be, which again, enables them to actually grow their business.”

Fortinet Enhanced Security gives partners the services and solutions they need to quickly build an enterprise-level security fabric supported by a world class team of experts. By starting with FortiGate Next Generation Firewall and attaching services as needed, MSPs can quickly scale their offerings and extend their team, attract and retain new clients, all while growing recurring revenue. “We have access to hundreds of Fortinet security experts around the globe,” says Boyd. “So, what we’re now offering is a Security Operations Center-as-a-Service. Now, this enables them to partially or completely offload all the FortiGate logs, the alerts and all the monitoring and triage to our team of global experts.”

And Fortinet protects the partner’s relationship with the client by making setup, management and off-loading specific tasks easy. “You simply click the FortiGates that you want monitored. It’s licensed per FortiGate that you want to have us monitor. And then you pretty much just put in points of contact,” says Boyd. “So, as far as we’re concerned, our partners continue to be the face of the client. We’re kind of the background.”

Going to market with Fortinet is easy. Whether it’s training, data or customers demos, everything you need can be found right in the Fortinet partner portal.

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