Blackpoint Partners with Microsoft to Fight Against Cyber Attacks

Blackpoint Cyber, a SaaS based MDR solution provider, announces their commitment to partnering with Microsoft to fight against the ever-evolving cyber threat landscape. Blackpoint, whose primary goal is to serve the MSP community, views the collaboration with Microsoft as a key to providing solutions to help solve some of the most painful cybersecurity challenges that exist in the space today.

Blackpoint has enhanced their intelligent detection logic for its Cloud Response product. This enhancement increases protection against evolving cyber threats, further equipping and safeguarding businesses who rely on Microsoft security for cloud and hybrid environments. 

Cloud Response extends the power of Blackpoint’s proprietary MDR exclusively to Microsoft 365, providing continuous protection for Microsoft Azure Active Directory, Exchange, and SharePoint. As one of the first 24/7 MDR solutions in the cloud, Cloud Response brings the expertise of an elite SOC team (SOCaaS) to cloud workflows, with expert security monitoring and rapid, active response.

Additionally with the managed EDR service with Defender for Endpoint and Defender for Business, MSPs can experience simplified deployment and monitoring of endpoint security policies. They get full-service response to alerts handled by our dedicated SOC team of experts, for an enhanced cybersecurity posture.

“This release brings an even better user experience to users of Microsoft security technologies. Being committed to integrating with top players in the cybersecurity space is a key focus of ours and the integrations we have with Microsoft play an integral role in our mission to bring world class tech to our customers,” said Xavier Salinas, CTO at Blackpoint.“With our Adversary Pursuit Group (APG) leading the charge, we spent the past year analyzing data on our Microsoft integrations and developed a series of updates that allow us to respond even quicker and more accurately.”

“Microsoft and Blackpoint share a deep commitment to the MSP community. Blackpoint’s solutions build on Microsoft security technologies with 24/7 security expertise and best practices to help ensure that SMBs and MSP partners have the robust security they need,” said Rob Lefferts, CVP, Microsoft Defender and Microsoft Sentinel Engineering. 

Businesses looking for ways to further enhance their investment in Microsoft Security, please reach out to Blackpoint. All products in the MDR SaaS + SOCaaS based ecosystem are available in a cost-effective bundle that includes everything needed to protect customers from advancing Cyber threats.

Learn more about Blackpoint’s Microsoft integrations:

About Blackpoint 

Blackpoint Cyber offers the only world-class, nation state-grade cybersecurity ecosystem serving the MSP community. Using its own software and SOC, Blackpoint’s true 24/7 MDR service not only detects breaches earlier than any other solution on the market, but also provides an actual response rather than just an alert to keep your and your clients’ networks safe from widespread damage.

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