21 Email Newsletter Examples We Love Getting in Our Inboxes

What if we told you that there are fantastic email newsletter examples that will get your creative juices flowing?

Assuming that would be great for your business and your target audiences’ interaction with your brand is not rocket science.

Email leads provide an excellent opportunity to introduce your brand and increase sales.

We have done 20+ hours of research and gathered the best newsletter examples for businesses of varying industries like yours.

best email newsletter examples cover image showing a figure and a mail icon

It is a persistent recommendation to look at the essential ideas and tips for better newsletters.Table of contents:

What to Include in Your Email Newsletters

Research shows that 19.4% of US adults subscribe to 2 to 3 email newsletters while 14.7% subscribe to at least one. 

Therefore, keep in mind not to create a newsletter just for the sake of making it—each of your emails should always, without any exceptions, have a specific goal. 

hands writing on a keyboard

Instead, please do your research well to understand what resonates with your audience because they are the ones to decide whether or not to click and read through that email.

There are a number of different elements you can include in an email newsletter.

  • Case studies related to your product/service
  • News regarding your industry
  • Blog posts
  • Quotes
  • Upcoming events or webinars
  • Collection of your popular blog posts or videos
  • Research or survey results related to your industry
  • Deals or promotions
  • Recent job openings at your company
  • Customer testimonials; photos or stories they shared
  • Frequently asked questions and answers
  • Recent awards or nominations of your company
  • A company anniversary or milestone

Though this list is not final and can be expanded, you should grow your email subscribers. So, to do effective popups, start now!

Grow Newsletter Subscribers with Popups 

Some Quick Tips to Use in Email Newsletters

Before creating a newsletter and checking the email newsletter examples, you should check the quick tips we have collected.

Here you are!

  • White space is your friend. 
  • Use clean images.
  • Make your emails mobile-responsive.
  • Test the length of your newsletter.
  • Try videos, memes, and other media. 
  • Make your CTA (call to action) clear and visible, even obvious
  • Keep the same voice, logo, and icons throughout the email 

Genius Email Newsletter Examples & Why They Work

Don’t overwhelm yourself by trying to create an email template from scratch. There are email template builders that you can use to simplify the email newsletter design process.

Have a look at the best email newsletter examples from NewslettersearchengineReally Good Emails, and Vero

These examples belong to the brands that nailed it; feel free to gather inspiration for your own.

Some have stunning designs and excellent copies, but all address their subscribers’ needs and preferences.

1. Abstract

abstract email newsletter example

Subject Line: “Meet us in the margin.”

The first email newsletter example we’ll mention is by Abstract, a platform that focuses on design. With the subject line “Meet us in the margin,” this Abstract email newsletter aims to announce the return of their newsletter “In The Margin” and to promote popular video and blog content.

Not only is the content delivery clear and well-organized, but it is also digestible and has a fabulous design that aligns with their company and website design. After all, the brand has a sharp focus on design.

The email copy is conversational and explains why they sent the email clearly. 

  • When practicing copywriting for emails, it’s essential to ensure that every sentence serves a purpose. None should be a waste. And Abtract’s email does that well.

When we take a look at the footer, the email covers social links, unsubscribe links, and a link to the help center. Just above the footer, there’s also a CTA that encourages the reader to contribute to the newsletter.

The number of additionally promoted content is optimal, with two featured posts and four additional posts.

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2. ReadyMag

ReadyMag newsletter design example

Subject Line: “A design ‘workout’ and distances between widgets.”

This email newsletter example from ReadyMag is another excellent email that nails newsletter design. It is another platform that revolves around design. The design of the email matches the service’s aim and website design at a superb level. 

ReadyMag’s website shows off design, just like their email. Inside the email newsletter, the brand features a user’s story. 

Sharing inspirational testimonials and use cases of real users can drive huge ROI and conversions while boosting positive brand reputation and trustability. 

What else does this email do well?

  • Promoting a recent product update
  • To-the-point copy
  • Encouraging readers to join their DesignWorkout training program
  • Including various social links in the footer
  • Clear unsubscribe link
  • Obvious and clear CTA buttons

Struggling to find a good subject line? We have suggestions: Funny Email Subject Lines

3. Vestre

Vestre business email newsletter example

Subject Line: “Indoor projects, fireproofing, steel production, and upcoming products made from marine plastic waste.”

This email newsletter example from Vestre, an urban furniture manufacturer, aims to engage and convert subscribers. The main component of the email is news from the company.

Remember to ask “why” multiple times to ensure your email newsletter aligns with the goal in your mind. 

In the case of Vestre, this “company news” aims to deliver content that: 

  • Showcases the real-life use of their furniture pieces 
  • Gives a behind-the-scenes part to introduce the brand
  • Dedicates a section to highlight their products’ sustainability and the brand’s stand 
  • Draws attention to converting marine plastic waste to high-end products.

Apart from these, the design of the email newsletter template matches the vibrant website design. The footer contains necessary elements such as social icons and an unsubscribe link.

What could be improved?

  • The subject line: It is too long and not to-the-point or catchy
  • No clear address and contact info in the footer

Don’t lose money on abandoned carts: Click-Worthy Abandoned Cart Subject Lines

4. Canva

Canva newsletter example

Subject Line: “What’re the top 10 Facebook templates in the US?”

Canva is one of the most popular online design tools. This email newsletter example showcases the top 10 Facebook templates in the US made with Canva. 

The best part about this email is that users can click and instantly use the template they like. The second best thing about it is its subject line. It drives clicks by piquing curiosity.

They have a clear email copy that explains why the reader would need these templates, using a friendly tone. The overall design is minimalistic and highlights the templates. 

5. PandaDoc

Pandadoc newsletter design

Subject Line: “👀Have you seen the new PandaDoc integration??”

Another way to use email newsletters for business is to announce new product features, services, collaborations, or integrations available. In this example, PandaDoc notifies users about their new integration option with Canva. 

The email includes an introduction video, which is an excellent practice to increase engagement. 

PandaDoc explains how users will benefit from this integration clearly in the email copy and presents a call-to-action that encourages users to upgrade their accounts to benefit from it.

6. Grammarly

Grammarly email newsletter example

The industry-leading grammar and spell checker app Grammarlynot only reflects its brand design in its email newsletter but also aims to educate subscribers about the product’s capabilities. 

After opening the email copy with a general paragraph summarizing why the reader needs Grammarly, another section shows how people can use the tool across multiple devices and a Chrome extension. 

7. Nisolo

Nisolo ecommerce newsletter example

One way to benefit from newsletter email campaigns is to use them for e-commerce ends. Online stores can grow sales by promoting products. Nisolo manages that by talking about some behind-the-scenes.

As seen from the example email newsletter, Nisolo dives into the history of its popular sandal model. Typically, product newsletters’ primary goal is to inform customers about product features and encourage them to purchase or use them.

At the bottom section, they highlight a social media post showcasing the product in use. Not only that, but there’s also a hashtag to lead customers to tag their photos. Finally, there’s a part that users can click to purchase. 

Quick question; are you sure you’re using order confirmation emailsin the right way?

8. Wistia

Wistia short email newsletter example

Subject Line: “Get inspired with the Wistia Creative Alliance 📺”

The leading video hosting platform for marketers, Wistia, boosts brand recognition by sharing product use cases of real users. The email copy explains how Wistia collaborated with 30 freelancers to create content.

It showcases three video projects made with Wistia to help users see how they can use the platform to total capacity and encourage them to create, watch, and share. All emails the company sends are mobile optimized.

9. Tattly

diy Tattly eggs newsletter

If your products align, you can provide how-to content in your email newsletters as Tattly does. Whether you have a SaaS service or e-commerce goods, teaching your subscribers how to use your product and service can prove fruitful for both you and your customers.

For example, say you have an online organic foods store, and you can send out recipes to increase sales, open rates, and brand recognition.

Tattly’s email service provider choice is Mailchimp. They send five emails per month.

10. Atera

Atera newsletter example

Subject Line: “Want to know, “Where It’s At?”

The remote monitoring and management software Atera engages its newsletter subscribers by giving a quote of the month. 

This is one of the most common practices, especially for online magazines, SaaS, or other service or subscription-based companies. It may not be ideal for e-commerce stores. 

If you read it, the quote isn’t just a random or famous one. It’s about the brand announcing how much funding it received. However, choosing quotes related to your niche to promote your content or service can be a great way to go as well.

This is one of the best newsletter examples because:

  • It has an exceptional design (eye-catching, modern, and in the right amount of contrast.) 
  • It conveys the purpose clearly in the copy. (Telling subscribers what the design team has been up to)
  • Updating customers about company-wise news
  • Promoting new email templates
  • Creative email newsletter design

11. Fiverr

Fiverr newsletter email to users

Being one of the most-used freelancer platforms, Fiverr sends out its subscribers a monthly dose of inspiration, showcasing the stunning works of Fiverr freelancers.

The images used in the email have a direct link to the freelancer who made them. It’s an excellent way to encourage more engagement and nudge passive users to take a step to go on the platform back again.

What this email does well:

  • Creative design that reflects the platform
  • Clear CTA 
  • Social links in the footer
  • Icons with links to find the platform’s app

12. Ace & Tate

Ace and Tate creative email newsletter design

Subject Line: “strike a balance.”

Ace & Tate, a brand selling glasses, catches our eye with the unusual and creative email newsletter design. Although the content of the email seems off-topic for glasses, it’s important to look through prior emails. 

Making sure you have the same voice and tone as well as a coherent design is essential for successful email marketing.

This newsletter involves a collection of their reports and posts that take a psychological turn. At the end of the email, a “discover” section highlights a product and product journal. 

This is, in fact, a marketing method. Binding products with their stories can make the products sell more. In the quote below, Simon Sinek tells the “why” behind this:

“People don’t buy what you do; they buy why you do it and what you do simply proves what you believe.”

13. Creative Mornings

Creative Mornings newsletter

Subject Line: ~ Being inclusive is a daily habit ~

If you have too much news or content to cover in a monthly newsletter, you can gather various topics under an umbrella topic as Creative Mornings does. 

In this newsletter example, the brand includes:

  • Links to inspirational videos, the latest articles, and job openings
  • Quote

14. Thumbtack

Thumbtack example of email newsletter

Subject Line: “This is not your basic get-together.”

The modern home management platform Thumbtack ultimately aims to get subscribers to use the platform with this email newsletter. 

There’s a three-step way to organize a home party with CTAs under each. The design of the email is upbeat and lively, matching the summer project theme of the email. 

15. Starbucks

the first part of the Starbucks email promoting products

Subject line: Nitro. Cold. Brew. 👏👏👏 

Starbucks, which is a worldwide famous coffeehouse company, presents a nice marketing newsletter example. The email has different phases of promotion, like the first part. It has a CTA for calling the email receivers to try the new product with online purchases.

The second part directs the receiver to find a store for trying the new product, and it gives a specific time to try it, making the offer unreachable at any time. 

The third part shares another characteristic of Starbucks since it also produces foods along with coffee.

The email doesn’t end here since it has a free coffee offer, and it shares the payment options. All in all, the email spares a place for the people working in Starbucks to show their employee profiles.

Starbucks promotion email's last part showing the employees

The email follows the brand image and quality. Lastly, in the footer, all the necessary information exists, and one can easily reach Starbucks if one wants.

What could be improved?

  • The email is too long to read and follow. Though the email provides all the details, not everyone will want to read it.

16. Whereby

Whereby confirmation email on an orange background with the code and the explanation

Subject line: Confirmation code: 650050

Whereby, which has a clear subject line, is a video communication service with which one can create free meetings.

The design of Whereby’s website is quite simple and modern at the same time. Also, the email we examine follows this criterion. 

As an example of confirmation emails, Whereby sends a friendly email to get people signed in for the first time. Also, it provides a support email if there is any problem that needs to be contacted or such.

Unlike Starbucks, Whereby uses direct mail to make the receivers reach the point they want to be.

What could be improved?

  • An image to support the confirmation mail could be good with the confirmation.
  • It is not possible to see detailed information about the brand in the footer, so the user may want to know more.

17. Vogue & Base

Vogue and Base health email with an illustrated email background

Subject line: From Vogue: Base and the at-home wellness revolution

Base is a brand dealing with health and beauty, and this email shows the collaboration with Vogue, the famous American magazine focusing on beauty, fashion, health, and many more.

With a great headline and an illustration, the collaboration is highlighted. 

The email is sent from Base, but they start with the quotation from Vogue because Vogue publishes an article about them.

The promotion of the Base app is done with a text summarizing the whole situation, and there is a button to start as the symbol of CTA. 

The footer has the contact information and the address that a user might need. Also, the use of social media accounts is a good way to be reached.

18. Google Store

Google Store final call email with the products

Subject line: Final call: Special offers end soon

Google Store apparently trusts its familiarity since it is one of the most direct subject lines that we have ever come across.

Since the aim of Google Store and its emails is to share the products. This is the last call type of Google Store.

The email starts with the announcement of the limited time that the products exist on the Google Store. They ordered the products with the last offers in pricing and the CTA buttons. The deal’s ending is obvious as well.

If there is anyone that wants to discover more, they share them to see all offers. Additionally, the process of buying is told without interruption.

The social media accounts, the helpfulness of the email, and the survey links are available at the end of the email. 

In the footer, there are details about the delivery and the rules of buying with the address to contact.

Google Store email footer

19. Athletic Brewing

Athletic Brewing Co's email's first part declaring the Grant Enrollment

Subject line: Celebrate Earth Day with Protecting the Trails

Athletic Brewing is a craft non-alcoholic beer company that announces its Grant program.

The email of Athletic Brewing to declare their nonprofit activity is quite the detailed one. However, the ones who read the first part and want to show interest can apply right away with the CTA button.

The continuation of the email involves the target mass and the collaboration because they share their story and aims. For the later part, there exists a product to try.

What we can interpret from the email is that the brand wants the receivers to take action with so many CTAs. It could be better to use fewer CTAs and more to-the-point sections about the event.

The footer shares the necessary information one can need and, more importantly, an unsubscription button for the ones who don’t want to get more emails from the company.

Athletic Brewing's email's last part showing the inspiration and the social media accounts

Also, check out the website builders for nonprofit organizationsand the use of popups for your nonprofit website.

20. Asana

Asana webinar invitation email

Subject line: You’re Invited to Asana’s Virtual Workshops

Another marketing newsletter example belongs to Asana which indirectly aims to increase familiarity and show quality of the service. 

The email of Asana, a tool that helps track jobs and manages work organization, is about the webinars and the workflows. 

With the subject line, it is clear that it’s an invitation mail, and on the right top of the email, there is a button to view the webinars on the browser. 

Continuing with an illustration, the webinars are ordered with their details and date. This is an informative and guiding email for the subscribers of Asana, so it does what it should. 

In the footer part, there are icons for App Store, and Google Play Store links to download the app of Asana. Then, there is an explanation of unsubscription and privacy policy. The email ends with the address and the social media accounts.

For more email newsletter examples, you can check Newslettersearchengine. The examples will give you inspiration to create yours!

The Design of Email Newsletters

When creating your email, you can get creative; so long as you keep it coherent with all your emails and in harmony with your website. 

The following are some of the components of a typical newsletter email:

  • click-worthy subject line
  • Preview text
  • Your logo
  • Top stories featured in the beginning
  • Additional content or promotions you want to offer
  • Email footer with social links, company address, and an unsubscribe link
  • CTA that serves the purpose of your email
  • Contact and subscription info

Types of Email Newsletters

E-commerce Email Newsletters

E-commerce email newsletters typically aim at four main goals:

  • Making new product promotions
  • Strengthening the brand-customer relationship
  • Announcing new or seasonal sales or promotions
  • Contributing to building a community around the brand

Product/Company Update Newsletters

This type of email newsletter serves the following purposes:

  • Get customers to use the new features of a product/service
  • Enhancing brand perception with company-wide news like funding or partnership
  • Channeling any improvements that will benefit customers

Blog/Media Newsletter Emails

Email newsletters used for blog or media sharing aim to drive traffic to specific articles, videos, or other web pages of the company.

Nonprofit Email Newsletters

Nonprofit organizations typically use this type of newsletter to stay in contact with supporters and past donors and communicate important information, such as:

  • Updates regarding the organization
  • Upcoming fundraising events
  • Stories related to the core mission of the organization

Do you need more inspirational designs from brands? You can explore newsletter emails via newsletter search engine.

Email Newsletter Infographic

email newsletters infographic

We hope both the content and the infographic help you improve your email newsletters and create an assertive brand image.


If you are looking for some inspiration while creating some email newsletter examples, these can be highly helpful.

Don’t hesitate to be creative and follow the principles that we have mentioned. 

To make distinct debuts in the inboxes, like these brands, you can surely organize your emails accordingly and add more value.

By doing so, it is certain that your email newsletters will contribute to your brand image and business.


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