11 Artificial Intelligence Examples from Real Brands in 2023

The year 2023 witnessed a fascinating rise in the adoption of artificial intelligence (AI) by brands across industries. No longer confined to sci-fi movies, AI has become a powerful tool used by real-world companies to boost efficiency, personalize customer experiences, and even push creative boundaries.

Let’s dive into 11 inspiring examples of how brands are leveraging AI in 2023:

1. Netflix: Recommending the perfect show has become an art form thanks to Netflix’s sophisticated AI algorithms. Analyzing your viewing history, preferences, and even external trends, Netflix ensures you’re never left wondering what to watch next.

2. Nike: AI isn’t just for entertainment. Nike’s Flyknit sneakers are designed and manufactured using AI tools, analyzing millions of data points to create footwear that’s both ultra-lightweight and ultra-supportive.

3. Domino’s: Craving pizza but hate talking to people? Domino’s AI-powered chatbot takes orders with ease, understanding your complex topping choices and even offering personalized deals.

4. Spotify: The days of endless playlist shuffling are over. Spotify’s AI curates personalized playlists that perfectly match your mood, activity, and even the weather.

5. L’Oreal: Trying on makeup before you buy it just got a whole lot more realistic. L’Oreal’s virtual try-on app uses AI to digitally apply different makeup shades and styles, helping you find the perfect look without leaving your couch.

6. Sephora: Shopping for beauty products shouldn’t be a guessing game. Sephora’s AI-powered Virtual Artist app analyzes your facial features and recommends personalized skincare and makeup routines.

7. Starbucks: Long lines for your morning latte? Not at Starbucks! Their AI-powered mobile ordering system predicts customer demand and optimizes store operations, ensuring your caffeine fix is just a few taps away.

8. Adidas: AI isn’t just for physical products. Adidas is using AI to create personalized training plans for athletes, analyzing their performance data and recommending workouts to help them reach their fitness goals.

9. Unilever: Reducing environmental impact is a top priority for many brands. Unilever uses AI to optimize factory operations and supply chains, minimizing waste and resource consumption.

10. Airbnb: Finding the perfect vacation rental just got smarter. Airbnb’s AI algorithms take into account your preferences, budget, and even travel style to recommend unique and unforgettable stays.

11. IBM Watson: Beyond consumer-facing applications, AI is also making waves in healthcare. IBM Watson, a cognitive computing platform, is assisting doctors in diagnosing diseases and developing personalized treatment plans.

These are just a few examples of how brands are embracing AI in 2023. As AI technology continues to evolve, we can expect even more innovative and impactful applications across every industry.

So, keep an eye out, because the future is powered by AI, and brands like these are leading the charge!

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