Personable Inc. to Host 2024 AI Summit Focused on Addressing Financial Fraud

Financial fraud continues to pose significant threats to the public, and the importance of innovative solutions cannot be overstated. This May 15 and 16, Personable Inc., an award-winning data entry software publisher, will host the 2024 AI Training Summit at the National Press Club in Washington D.C. The summit will focus on harnessing the power of AI for more effective financial investigations.

Keynote presentations at the summit will focus on various issues, including how AI can transform government, the security of AI, the AI technologies relevant to financial investigations, and leveraging AI in the investigative processes. Representatives from industry leaders such as NVIDIA will be on hand to discuss how their businesses address financial fraud challenges. 

“NVIDIA empowers financial investigators with state-of-the-art (SOTA) AI tools, enabling them to stay ahead of the curve. NVIDIA’s AI platform and frameworks include capabilities such as fraud detection, behavior matching, real-time screening, virtual assistants, cross-selling, next best action prediction, credit default prediction, and compliance automation,” said Patricia Delafuente, Sr Data Scientist at NVIDIA and Summit speaker. 

“I am thrilled to join the AI Summit as we explore the responsible use of AI for more effective financial investigations. We need an all-hands-on deck approach to preserve the integrity of our financial markets,” said Aneesh Chopra, President of CareJourney and former U.S. Chief Technology Officer (2009-2012).

During the summit, Personable Inc., developers of software designed to streamline and expedite data handling, will conduct a demo of their upcoming AI-driven platform, ScanWriter AI which aims to improve efficiency and accuracy in financial investigations.

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About 2024 AI Training Summit. 

The 2024 AI Training Summit is dedicated to exploring the intersection of artificial intelligence and financial investigations. Bringing together industry leaders, researchers, and journalists, the summit aims to foster dialogue and innovation in leveraging AI for enhanced financial crime detection and preventions.

About Personable Inc. 

Personable Inc. is a privately held company founded in 1998 with headquarters in Fountain Valley, California. It provides solutions to automate the manual workflow. Also, it creates opportunities to focus on more critical tasks to fight financial fraud, meet deadlines, maintain data integrity, and provide deeper data analysis.

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