Mobb Raises $5.4 Million in Seed Funding for Automatic Vulnerability Fixing Tool

Boston, MA-based Mobb on Monday announced raising $5.4 million in seed funding for a product that automatically fixes vulnerabilities found in applications developed by customers.

The seed funding round was led by angel investor Ariel Maislos, with participation from MizMaa Ventures, Cyber Club London and others from the US, Europe, and Israel. 

There are many static application security testing (SAST) tools that can help developers identify vulnerabilities. However, these tools often only find security bugs, but don’t actually remediate them.

The Mobb product is designed to fix vulnerabilities found by SAST tools in an effort to help developers save precious time.  

The product ingests data from various third-party SAST tools, including from Snyk, Checkmarx and GitHub Advanced Security. It analyzes the reported vulnerabilities to identify flaws that can be patched automatically, and produces code fixes that can be checked by the user before they are committed. 

Mobb on Monday also announced the release of Bugsy, the free community edition of its product, which uses the Snyk CLI tool for a SAST analysis. It currently supports Java projects and SQL injection, XSS, XXE, path traversal, and command injection vulnerabilities.

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