ZeroFox to Acquire Threat Intelligence Firm LookingGlass for $26 Millio

ZeroFox (ZFOX), which advertises itself as an external cybersecurity solutions provider, on Monday announced that it’s in the process of acquiring threat intelligence and attack surface management company LookingGlass.

The plan is to integrate LookingGlass technology into ZeroFox’s platform for enhanced visibility into external attack surface assets and vulnerabilities. LookingGlass will also help ZeroFox obtain improved actionable intelligence for offensive operations. 

ZeroFox is set to buy LookingGlass for roughly $26 million, mainly in stock (9.4 million shares), combined with convertible debt and cash. The deal is expected to close within 30 days. 

ZeroFox offers a wide range of services and capabilities designed to help enterprises detect and disrupt cyber threats. 

The company provides protection against phishing and other threats that could negatively impact a customer’s brand, threat intelligence services, incident response, as well as ‘disruption’ services that include domain and social media takedowns, removal of personal information from data brokers, and adversary disruption.

News of the LookingGlass acquisition comes less than a week after ZeroFox announced teaming up with Google Cloud to disrupt phishing attacks by warning users of malicious domains. ZeroFox stock surged on the news, but went back down in the following days.  

ZeroFox started trading on Nasdaq in August 2022, following a special purpose acquisition company (SPAC) deal that combined ZeroFox with incident response services firm IDX.

An analysis conducted by SecurityWeek showed that more than 450 cybersecurity-related mergers and acquisitions (M&As) were announced in 2022, including 17 deals that involved threat intelligence companies and 10 that involved web security firms. 

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