Former SpaceX Engineers Raise $8 Million to Launch AI Security Firm Wraithwatch

Three former SpaceX cybersecurity engineers have launched Wraithwatch, an AI-powered security firm that has received $8 million in seed funding. 

Wraithwatch was founded by Nik Seetharaman (CEO), Grace Clemente (president), and Carlos Más (CTO). They all previously held important cybersecurity roles at SpaceX, as well as other major companies such as Anduril, Palantir Technologies, Google and Morgan Stanley.

The startup emerged from stealth mode on Thursday with financial backing from Founders Fund, which led the seed funding round, XYZ Capital and Human Capital.

Little information is currently available on Wraithwatch’s offering. The company has described worst-case scenarios of AI-powered cyberattacks and claims its goal is “building the defense” against such attacks by using large language models (LLMs) to generate all possible versions of an attack in an effort to predict and prevent future threats. 

“Long before a new threat actor lands inside our institutions with their cyber implants, autonomous agents powered by generative AI should have proactively explored novel vulnerabilities and attack strategies, simulated their various permutations, and autonomously developed and applied forward-thinking defensive strategies across disparate security tools,” Wraithwatch founders wrote. 

“The end result being deployment of exhaustive defenses in minutes and seconds as opposed to days and weeks and ultimately, arming cybersecurity teams with the heavy firepower needed to turn the tables on a historically one-sided conflict,” they added.

You can learn more about AI-powered cyber defense and adversarial AI at SecurityWeek’s inaugural Cyber AI & Automation Summit, a virtual event set to take place on December 6, 2023.  

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