Watch Now: Ransomware Resilience & Recovery Summit Sessions Now on Demand

Join this virtual summit, now available on demand, as we shine the spotlight on the shadowy dynamics of ransomware attacks and how you can best prepare your organization to defend and recover from these relentless attacks.

Sessions on the agenda include:

  • On the Hunt: Battling Ransomware Before It Strikes
  • Building Zero Trust Ransomware Resilience
  • Demystifying Modern Ransomware Tradecraft
  • Insights to Improve your Ransomware Preparedness Plan
  • Radical Resilience Against Ransomware
  • Demo: The Future of Cybersecurity with the SentinelOne Singularity Platform
  • CrowdStrike Attack+Defend Demo: LIVE: Ransomware Scenario
  • Networking & Virtual Expo

Register now and enjoy all sessions, networking, virtual expo, access to technical resources, and much more!

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