CyberFox Taps Wes Spencer As VP Of Cybersecurity Strategy

‘I’ve always wanted to work in organizations that share that passion of MSP-first,’ says Wes Spencer, vice president of cybersecurity strategy at CyberFox. ‘How do we help you grow? What can we do to push you? It’s not just selling CyberFox, it’s truly being a partner that can help you grow to the next level.’



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Tampa, Fla.-based CyberFox has named Wes Spencer as its new vice president of cybersecurity strategy to better help MSPs and CyberFox on their cybersecurity journey.

Spencer, who assumes his new role Monday, is a nationally recognized technology innovator and cybersecurity expert who has served as a senior executive and adviser at startup and Fortune 500 companies.

He was first attracted to privileged access management and password management vendor CyberFox because of Adam Slutskin,the company’s co-founder, president and CRO, who he knew was “an industry titan” he could learn a lot from.

“He’s somebody that can truly mentor me for some of this level of growth,” Spencer said of Slutskin.

In addition, Spencer and the CyberFox team share the same vision and strategy in how they want to help MSPs.


“I’ve always wanted to work in organizations that share that passion of MSP-first,” he told CRN in an exclusive interview. “How do we help you grow? What can we do to push you? It’s not just selling CyberFox, it’s truly being a partner that can help you grow to the next level.”

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Spencer’s tenure comes with advisory, educator and executive-level roles across the channel. He was the co-founder and CISO of Perch Security, which was acquired by Tampa, Fla.-based ConnectWise in 2020, where he was then named vice president, external CSO at ConnectWise. From there, he joined FifthWall Solutions, a cyber insurance broker, where he was vice president, channel chief and board member.

As vice president of cybersecurity strategy at CyberFox, Spencer will help identify and create product-focused strategies, lead internal and external thought leadership initiatives, work with product marketing and development teams on short- and long-term road maps for success, and help partners in their journey to continue to build cybersecurity maturity.

“We are thrilled to have someone of Wes’ caliber join CyberFox,” said CEO David Bellini in a statement. “Wes’ passion to help organizations on their cybersecurity journey is unparalleled and he will have a large impact on our road map and what we can become.”

Slutskin said he and Bellini are “really looking forward” to learning from Spencer as he has “immersed himself inside the channel where he is a trusted adviser to all of us.”

“It’s going to be very exciting over the rest of the year,” Slutskin told CRN. “There is a lot coming. This is the moment we’ve been looking for, and Wes is a big part of that.”

He added that Spencer lives in the MSP world and will act as a bridge from CyberFox to the MSP community. Slutskin said he sees, hears and loves MSPs and always wants to listen to their feedback and their asks. He believes Spencer will help with that.

“His superhuman strength is the ability to translate that [message] back to the vendor so that we don’t just become [another] vendor, but we can live up to what it means to be a partner,” he said. “Wes is one of the brilliant guys of the channel.”

Spencer said he’s “really excited” about getting his “hands on the wheel” to add some insight into where the company will go next in terms of its product.

Playing to Slutskin’s “superhuman strength” comment, Spencer said his superpower is helping explain cybersecurity and technology in a way that makes sense to MSPs and their end customers.

“I want to help partners really succeed in their security journey,” he said. “Yes, CyberFox is a huge part of that and if we do it right they’re going to buy CyberFox. But it’s more than that. It’s about seeing their journey, going in and growing [with] them.”

Going forward, Spencer said his message to MSPs is that CyberFox is there for them to continue to drive success by asking, both internally and externally, where the pain points and great successes are.

From there, he said the road map will begin to develop.

“We’re at the beginning, not the end,” he said. “And so the future is not just what do we want CyberFox to become, but what do MSPs need for us to become, and I’m excited about that.”

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