Microsoft Ignite 2022: Top Security Announcements

Defender for DevOps, automatic ransomware attack disruption with Microsoft 365 Defender and a new public preview of Microsoft Entra Identity Governance were among the biggest security announcements out of Microsoft’s Ignite 2022 conference this week. 

Microsoft has been in a battle touting its security offerings over a chorus of third-party vendors including CrowdStrike and Huntress who have criticized the quality of Redmond, Wash.-based Microsoft’s stack. 

Marc Menzies, president and chief technology officer at Ronkonkoma, N.Y.-based Microsoft partner Overview Technology Solutions, told CRN in an interview that Microsoft has made enough key updates in its security stack that his company is considering ditching other security vendors and going all-in on Microsoft. 

“Their stack is starting to become much, much more attractive to us,” Menzies said. “We’re pretty happy with what we’re seeing. Any chance to consolidate, especially with what might be happening in the next couple of years, would be a good idea.”

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What Security News Came Out Of Microsoft Ignite 2022?

In the summer, Microsoft CEO Satya Nadella said that users of Microsoft’s security products suite “save more than 60 percent when they turn to us as compared to a multi-vendor solution.”

In July, on the company’s latest quarterly earnings call, Microsoft said the installed base for Microsoft’s Enterprise Mobility + Security platform grew 21 percent to more than 230 million seats.

Microsoft captures 43 trillion signals for threat intelligence built into its offerings, according to the company. In January, the company reported more than $15 billion in security business revenue over the previous 12 months, a 45 percent increase year over year. 

Here are the biggest security announcements to come out of the conference.

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