Offensive Security Launches Global Partner Program

With an ever-evolving cyber threat landscape, cybersecurity training programs play a key role in staying ahead of threat actors. 

In a recent episode of CRNtv’s Partner Program Pitch series, Offensive Security CEO Ning Wang talks about the cybersecurity training and certifications company’s partner program, which launched in 2022, and how it is preparing the next generation of cybersecurity workers for the industry. 

Here’s a look at some of the interview with the CEO of the New York City-based company

What is your elevator pitch on why solution providers should join your partner program?

Our vision is to be the world’s leader is continuous cybersecurity workforce development, training, and education. We launched our global partner program worldwide to be able to train with a quality trainer that has proven to work. Our OSCP is an industry standard for a lot of cybersecurity jobs, so that’s why we launched our global partner program.

What are some of the benefits partners gain from joining your partner program?

When they join our partner program, they will have a lot of support from us. There is a platform with our training library that covers content from the fundamentals level for people who are aiming for entry level job ro foundational training all the way to advanced. They will not only have access to that, but we also provide a lot of other support for our partners. We also have various operational support and marketing support so that they will be able to manage and work with their customers easier and better.

How would you say your partner program compares to others like it in the industry?

I think what really differentiates us is that we have such a strong brand. It’s not just ‘check the box multiple choices.’ We all know to do cybersecurity, you really have to have the try harder with a hacker and the security-mindset because the landscape and the threats are always changing. You have to be able to think on your feet, and the way we train people to gain that mindset is via hands down. Most other companies, their training are not as focused on developing the mindset, but rather training you to earn the certification and I think this is where we really focus on. This is why our training really works.

Offensive Security’s partner, Applied Technology Academy, says partnering with Offensive Security was an easy choice because of its best-in-class, leading edge when it comes to penetration, testing and curriculum development.

“Our partnership has lent depth to our training. It has lent uniqueness, it’s their certifications, their reputation is unparalleled. Their certifications are highly sought after,” said Lynn Fisher, president of Applied Technology Academy. “So, that’s exactly where we want to be as leading edge. They’re constantly updating their curriculum. They are trying to stay 10 steps ahead of our adversaries, and that’s exactly what‘s needed here in the United States. As they committed to build a partner program, they did it in the usual form and fashion that offensive security approach is most everything and that is with excellence. They have built out an incredible partner portal. They have thought through the steps of support that are required. They‘re working hand in hand with us not overstepping. You can tell that there was a lot of thought planning and resources committed to the partner program.”

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