Trellix Chief Revenue Officer Discusses the Value of Open XDR

For endpoint detection and response (XDR) to be effective, it must be open and flexible. That’s according to Trellix Chief Revenue Officer Adam Philpott, who in an interview with CRNtv said that many XDR solutions fail to live up to that premise. 

“What you see in the industry is that there is this openness by convenience. Point players trying to offer a broader set by being open, but really what they’re doing is trying to fill in their gaps and avoid the complexity that they themselves create.”

Trellix is a company nine months in the making, formed through the merger of McAfee Enterprise and FireEye. XDR is the focal point of its business, an emerging technology that’s become a hot topic within cybersecurity. The solution combines prevention, detection, and response into one platform, leaning on machine learning and automation to remediate attacks in real time. Trellix’s solution has the capability to connect over 650 solutions from vendors and partners. It’s an openness by design that has proven to benefit Trellix partners. 

“It really is an open ecosystem where we can provide custom solutions to maybe a very unique customer problem,” said Andy Woods, VP of Enterprise Managed Services at ECS. 

Trellix has designed its partner program to reward partners who sell customized solutions. In an interview with CRNtv, Woods added that the partner program revamp has made it easier to deliver an outcome for his customers.

Trellix has been very vocal about being channel first, about being partner first and not wanting to compete against their partners with maybe a competing service offer. So, when we talk about how we go to market and how we work well with Trellix, it really is a very cost-selling motion, whereas we’re laser focused on the security outcome with that product and then partnered with a very laser focus on the services to enable that technology for customers who need that.”

For more coverage, watch CRNtv’s video.

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